Thursday, February 14, 2008

[L] Our First Kiss

I try to imagine our first kiss
I know we’ll share a wonderful bliss

It starts with an impassioned embrace
then my hands lightly touch your face

And I look deep into your eyes
While we breathe heart-felt sighs

I see you smile, I wipe away a tear
As our faces draw ever nearer

My eyes close when our lips meet
Passion flows from there to my feet

My heart soars to a new height
As I pull you in ever more tight

I smile back and say thanks to fate
As I know every kiss with you will be this great

Sunday, July 08, 2007

[G] Goodbye my friend

A better friend, I have not met

To hear my woes and lighten my debt

Your strength and love came from your soul

you mended others and made us whole

You brightened my day with your funny retort

saying "dinner for two" made me let out a snort

You reminded me that I'd remember this

when you were gone and surely missed

You tried to prepare me for when you were gone

but now I feel alone and withdrawn

this too will pass, then I'll remember you and smile

at the little things that made knowing you worthwhile

thank you Jamie, I will not forget

A better friend, I have not met

Sunday, June 24, 2007

[G] A Best Friend

I've never had a best friend
I grew up isolated and alone

no one to really talk to
not even on the phone

There is an emptiness deep inside
a void that is hallow and resounds

I'd like someone who'd understand me
at least while my heart still pounds

We could make our own Terabithia
running freely through the trees

building castles and adventures
and making chimes out of keys

we'd build that bridge together
so that rope would never break

and we'd always be together
I'd see you beside me when I wake

A simple request for a best friend
it's not such a simple goal

finding someone to fit with me
to fill my void and make me whole

Saturday, May 05, 2007

[L] If I was a cat

I often wonder how life would be
if I were a cat, spirited and free

I think I'd chase rodents and bugs
and scratch up a few rugs

I'd sleep on top of your head
and bring you presents that are dead

I'd climb on top of your shelves
and go where no person delves

then with grace and poise
I wouldn't make a noise

I'd pounce on you when you least expect
(really, it's not anger, but out of respect)

After an hour of play
I'd check out my tray

I'd sniff at my food
then meow that you're rude

for not supplying me with gourmet cuisine
as part of your routine

but later at night, when you flop into bed
I'd climb onto MY pillow, the one where I shed

I'd snuggle with you and purr in your ear
Pay attention to me... to me! I'm here!

So another day has gone by and you're happy I bet
because you know you're my favorite pet

Friday, September 01, 2006

[G] Thirty Days

In thirty days, my life will change
its kind of scary, kind of strange

I could deny this transition and hide within
or face it with stride and continue to grin

In thirty days, I won't be here
I'll have moved away, without a tear

with future unknown and opportunities ahead
I shouldn't have feelings of fear or dread

In thirty days, my life amends
I'll start anew and make new friends

No ties to hold me here, no prospects I see
alone and far away is where I'll be

In thirty days, my life will have changed
I hope you're still with me when it's rearranged

my life from here, I can only succeed
but its you with me, that I still need

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

[L] Love Hopes

Love cannot be condensed into just one day
I'll love you forever is what I'll say

meer cards nor gifts cannot resound
the amount of love that I have found

your laughter, your smile have captured my heart
I feel empty and alone whenever we're apart

So my sweet, I put my heart in your hands
and shout out my love for you from the stands

this Valentine's day and ever more
because its you, that I so adore

I hope this love is returned in kind
as I believe our two hearts did bind

in spirit and friendship as true love would do
as I wait to hear you say, "I love you too"

Sunday, January 22, 2006

[L] Rain on my window

I hear thunder in the distance
the sky turns darker black
a smile forms upon my lips
the rain is coming back

I walk to my balcony door
a cool breeze washes through
its refreshing and cleansing
I can taste the alluring dew

The rain spatters on my roof
lightining flashes in the sky
goosebumps erupt on my skin
and my body relaxes with a sigh

Splashing in puddles
making all things wet
catching rain on my tongue
its something I won't regret

I see rain on my window
as I stroll back inside
why are so many afriad
they avoid this and hide

The rain ends quickly
lightining and thunder ensue
this night would only be better
if I could have shared it with you

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

[D] In my mind... (part 3)

part: (1) | (2) | [3]

When I heard the news of the plane crash
I stared at the T.V. in utter disbelief
It was your flight number on the screen
there is the tail, then I was hit with grief

It was just a weekend trip out of town
I drove to the airport, but we got there late
A quick kiss on the cheek and out you flew
you didn't turn around as you ran to the gate

I blew you a kiss and wished you good luck
and whispered I love you, but you didn't turn around
I left the airport, feeling the emptiness next to me
I guess I was driving home, when your plane hit the ground

Now I wish I had called you and told you those words
my emptiness is now pain, an ache that is new
how can I live on and be happy again
my life won't begin again without you

Thursday, December 29, 2005

[G] In my mind... (part 2)

part: (1) | [2] | (3)

I still have these images of you in my mind
thoughts of you and me so happy and free
I think back, smile, and feel a glimmer of hope
that maybe someday you will come back to me

I sigh and stare at the patterns in the ceiling
I feel a deep emptiness, I think it was a theft
of my heart and my soul mate who has gone far away
it was only a month ago that you left

I force myself to replay the sweet visions
but my mind is busy and begins to wander
I don't understand why this happened
was I bad or is it bad karma, I continue to ponder

There's no way to reach you or see you again
I want to scream that I love you
I want to refill this nothingness inside
but there is nothing to say and nothing to do

I drift into a trance with a tear in my eye
the images are so clear when I'm fast alseep
I wish I could just be here forever
with my visions, the visions of you that I keep

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

[L] In my mind... (part 1)

part: [1] | (2) | (3)

I picture you sleeping soundly next to me
deeply, comfortably and without a care
I smile while I enjoy your beauty
and I breath in the frangrance from your hair

I carefully reach my hand over
to brush the hair from your face
your eyes flicker open
and you tighten your embrace

You move your head onto my shoulder
my hand drops to the smooth skin of your back
and you smile as we both drift into sleep
and the night turns from dark to black

I awaken before you, refreshed and alive
you arise laughing, kiss me on the cheek
and beat me to the bathroom
you're always such a sneak

When you return, we kiss for the longest time
our eyes are closed and all I can think
is that I've never been this happy
that's when you smirk and give that sly little wink